Monday, March 24, 2008

Workin' at the car wash...whoa-oa-oa-oa...

It was 79 degrees here this weekend! In MARCH, people! Gotta love California! With this weather comes extreme changes in wardrobe (if you're a local college student: wedge sandals, shorts with some annoying logo on the rear, skin-tight tanktops, windshield-sized sunglasses). As a mama of two, I prefer more realistic garb for these abs-of-flab: t-shirt that was cool a few years ago, worn flip-flops, and tired capris that hold up the mommy muffin oh-so-wonderfully! This was my outfit of choice for one of my favorite &$%*!@# weekend activities: washing the family car.

My hubby and I like to spend as much time together as friends normally do. But when washing the car, I just grin and bear it (and roll my eyes and kick tires when he's scrubbing the roof). You see, the captain of Analville is my husband. He washes the car BEFORE long car rides through dusty and bug-ridden areas, scrubs and rinses every square inch of the car (more than once), will only use warm water from the garage sink at his parents' house, parks the car in the shade so that no water droplets will cause water spots, etc., etc. All of this is annoying, yes. The clincher, however, is when he asks, "Did you just clean this spot?" and then proceeds to clean it anyway when I say, "Yes. Can't you see the soap all over?!"

I've decided that this is one more project that he can do himself. I'll stick to eating bonbons and sipping margaritas by the pool!


(A perfect illustration of the hubby and his car washing logic, courtesy of The Mr. Men Show. Picture him as Mr. Persnickety, without the British accent...I'm the Little Miss at the end...mwahahaha!)

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Anonymous said...

I'm married to the co-captain of ANALVILLE. I purposely bought a white car so the dirt won't show up as easily. However, living in a filthy town with less than half of the roads paved (and living on the corner of 2 dirt roads), it's almost impossible to hide the dirt. It gets even worse when the bi-weekly water pipe bursts somewhere in town. Dirt + water= MUD. My husband pays about 3 times a week to have his car washed(heaven forbid he do it himself) in the bank parking lot. He even bought this stupid brush thingy to gently sweep away the dust. He uses it daily before he sets off down the dirt road to go to town. I, on the other hand, find it easier to hose off my back window only after I nearly back into an oncoming car that I couldn't see through the 2 in thick layer of dirt! UUUHHHHH men and their stupid clean cars!
Love, Mandy