Friday, April 25, 2008

Summoning my inner Taintorette...

Mom and grandma. circa 1958. Taintor fodder in the making.

As you all know, the lovely Shauna redesigned my blog a few weeks ago. When I contacted Shauna about the design, I asked for something Anne Taintoresque because I knew that was the style I was looking for. Sometimes I feel like a sassy, modern mama with an affinity for all things vintage. *Or my family's pee-on.* Well, voila...enter Anne Taintor and her fabulous Taintorettes! Sounds like a new Vaudeville show, dontcha think?
Welllll, after Shauna got my new and improved blog up and running, I happened to pop over to her page and find ANOTHER blog *because I have nothing but time on my hands* called, She Couldn't Help Herself...She Just Had To Say It. Shauna had created another great layout for "Soliloquy" *witness protection name* and it was Anne Taintoresque to boot! Soliloquy's writing is hilariously real and I'm loving *jealous of* it!
Soliloquy joined the Bloggy Giveaways prize patrol and because I'm posting this shortly before her contest is over, you probably won't win all of the Anne Taintor gloriousness *neiner, neiner.* But I might. Or one of the other 126 people might. Or Soliloquy might keep all of the goods and change her identity. Again.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Poop on croup!

I definitely lack in the Take-Care-Of-Me-While-I-Cough-And-Sneeze-All-Over-Your-Face part of Mommyhood.

I love my kids to pieces and I would do anything *no ice cream sharing here* for them. Sometimes I wish that when baby #1 was born, I would have developed the DUN-DA-DU-DUNNNN....MOMMY SHIELD *instead of saggy boobs*. This fantastic contraption would be an invisible shield from all of the bugs, viruses, bacteria, crud, vomit, phlegm, poo, *insert any foul noun here* crap that might come my way.


There is a vacuum that can clean your ENTIRE house BY ITSELF AND put itself away. Am I asking too much?

Little Mr. Bubs got croup this weekend. He WAS crawling on the floor at Round Table while I attended a local Mothers' Club meeting...coincidence??? I should be glad that he's still alive. Although my tough guy's spirit hasn't been weakened too much, he has contracted the ability to bark like a seal and wheeze like the Marlboro Man himself. Although these sounds may be music to a chain-smoking carnie's ears, they make me cringe.

The Mommy Shield in non-operational.

Resistance is futile.

My throat hurts!

"Does a seal sound like THIS?"


Monday, April 21, 2008

Just a card a day...

...keeps Mommy's creative juices flowin'!!

I thought I'd show you a few cards I did last weekend. My beautiful friend, Windy, placed an order with me for 3 sets of cards to give as gifts to friends. These are just a few I've done...I'll post more later!


1st Birthday Fun!

I've recently subscribed to a fun blog called Seven Dogs and A Baby. Angela is a 29-year old mama to almost-one-year-old, Connor. If I met Angela at a park somewhere locally, I'm sure we'd have some stories to share because I am also 29 and my little *almost* birthday boy will turn one on May 3rd! Since Connor is turning one, Angela is throwing a blog party with fun and prizes galore! Head over to Seven Dogs and A Baby and join in the fun!

(I did not make this cake. Alana Hodgson did.)

Monday, April 14, 2008

See her designs!

This past week has been a little crazy in our lil' household. My "little" girl turned four on the 6th and we had a birthday bash for her on Saturday (the 12th). She kept asking us all week, "Is it my birthday again today?" It's nice that birthdays only come once a year or we'd be broke!

Last week, the amazing Shauna from See My Designs created a new 'do for my blog! I love it! Shauna is so speedy and can practically read your mind. *remember: never play poker with Shauna* I highly recommend her for your blog design needs. Shauna, you rock!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

They've still got...THE RIGHT STUFF!

I tend to have an interest in annoyingly trivial celebrity gossip. BUT...I don't have a subscription to US or People, which makes it okay because I'm not spending money on it. When I logged onto my email earlier, there was a ginormous headline about New Kids on the Block and their first picture together in 15 years. NKOTB and I go waaaaayyyyy back...I'm talking 5th and 6th grade here! I even had an orange NKOTB lunchbox and of course, all of their TAPES! HA! (My Ipod is laughing at me!)

Of course I had to check it out for myself and see if they still "got it."

Well, ladies, check it out for yourselves:

I think the past 15 years have been good to them! *MMMMmmm, Joey* Part of the article listed their ages and they're all between 35 and 40 years old...and talking about a REUNION! I'll be really interested to see if they have turned all soft rock on us, or if they'll be marketing themselves to the Generation Xers. Emo NKOTB?? NOOOOO!

Supposedly they'll be addressing the reunion rumors on the Today Show on April 4th.

You'll catch me Hangin' Tough 'til then.