Friday, April 25, 2008

Summoning my inner Taintorette...

Mom and grandma. circa 1958. Taintor fodder in the making.

As you all know, the lovely Shauna redesigned my blog a few weeks ago. When I contacted Shauna about the design, I asked for something Anne Taintoresque because I knew that was the style I was looking for. Sometimes I feel like a sassy, modern mama with an affinity for all things vintage. *Or my family's pee-on.* Well, voila...enter Anne Taintor and her fabulous Taintorettes! Sounds like a new Vaudeville show, dontcha think?
Welllll, after Shauna got my new and improved blog up and running, I happened to pop over to her page and find ANOTHER blog *because I have nothing but time on my hands* called, She Couldn't Help Herself...She Just Had To Say It. Shauna had created another great layout for "Soliloquy" *witness protection name* and it was Anne Taintoresque to boot! Soliloquy's writing is hilariously real and I'm loving *jealous of* it!
Soliloquy joined the Bloggy Giveaways prize patrol and because I'm posting this shortly before her contest is over, you probably won't win all of the Anne Taintor gloriousness *neiner, neiner.* But I might. Or one of the other 126 people might. Or Soliloquy might keep all of the goods and change her identity. Again.

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