Wednesday, April 2, 2008

They've still got...THE RIGHT STUFF!

I tend to have an interest in annoyingly trivial celebrity gossip. BUT...I don't have a subscription to US or People, which makes it okay because I'm not spending money on it. When I logged onto my email earlier, there was a ginormous headline about New Kids on the Block and their first picture together in 15 years. NKOTB and I go waaaaayyyyy back...I'm talking 5th and 6th grade here! I even had an orange NKOTB lunchbox and of course, all of their TAPES! HA! (My Ipod is laughing at me!)

Of course I had to check it out for myself and see if they still "got it."

Well, ladies, check it out for yourselves:

I think the past 15 years have been good to them! *MMMMmmm, Joey* Part of the article listed their ages and they're all between 35 and 40 years old...and talking about a REUNION! I'll be really interested to see if they have turned all soft rock on us, or if they'll be marketing themselves to the Generation Xers. Emo NKOTB?? NOOOOO!

Supposedly they'll be addressing the reunion rumors on the Today Show on April 4th.

You'll catch me Hangin' Tough 'til then.

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Jenna said...

but did you have a jordan doll? a beach towel? 2 row tickets to which you *cried* when they entered the stage? every VHS tape they made? numerous collectors books? every poster plastered on your bedroom wall?.....neither did i. ;)