Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's tag and I'm it!

I feel sorta popular right now! I was tagged by Domestic Accident to complete the following tidbits about me. Wait a minute, this is starting to feel like homework...or worse yet, housework!

4 Things I was doing 10 years ago (1998)

1) Taking finals at the end of my freshman year of college!

2) E-mailing and calling my new "love." (Guess what, he became my hubby!)

3) Working at a local body and bath shop. Pumping lotion and cutting brain activity required.

4) Walking and biking everywhere because I didn't have a car!
4 Things I was doing 5 years ago (2003)
1) Getting a new job at a wireless phone company.
2) Reapplying to college after taking a 3 year break. All those essays can wear a woman out!
3) Having fun living with soon-to-be hubby and another great couple.
4) Dreading summer because the A/C was broken in my car! 102 degrees...#@&@^#!

4 Things I did yesterday

1) Took Kira to preschool.

2) Got to have a peaceful lunch out with the hubby and Mr. Marcus Man!

3) Bought some new underwear...ooh-la-la!

4) Went to a friend's Tupperware longer a virgin in this department! Yikes! I'm broke! (And now officially a housewife!!)

4 Shows I like to watch
2) Scrubs
3) House (I am emotionally scarred from the season finale!)
4) 24 (January seems very far away!)
4 things I like to do
1) Have date nights with the hubby.
2) Go to the park with the kiddos.
3) Eat ice cream.
I'm tagging Jenna, Morgan, Lynda and Shauna. Have fun!


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Jenna said...

oh how fun. ok, i'll do it. :)